Time: 15-30min

Kimutaku is dead!

This is designed for Speaking and is good for Junior High.

Criminal is a speaking activity designed to review the question words Who, Where, What and How. It's ideal for Junior High 2nd grade classes. It features the Japanese pop group SMAP and the murder of lead member Takuya Kimura (or Kimutaku) by one of the other band members. Students must use question sentences to interview the suspects, explore their alibis and uncover the killer.


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Materials required[]

  • One master workheet(pdf) for the ALT
  • One partially completed worksheet for each of the suspect band members (Goro, Masahiro, Shingo and Tsuyoshi)
  • One empty(pdf) each for the rest of the students


  • Either ask for 4 volunteers or select the most able students to become the 4 suspects. Get them to stand at the front of the class and give them each a partially completed worksheet.
  • Hand out the empty worksheets to the rest of the students. Allow them time to absorb the shocking news of Kimutaku's death. Either read the passage to them or have them read it themselves and attempt to understand the meaning.
  • Tell the rest of the students that they are the detectives. They must come up to the front and question the suspects using the Who, What, Where and How questions.
  • Demonstrate with one of the suspects using a question with the answer already given (e.g. Detective:"Where were you on Saturday evening?", Masahiro Nakai:"I was in Ginza.") Move onto another suspect and ask another demonstration question (e.g. Detective:"Who were you with?", Shingo Katori:"I was with Goro Inagaki.") The students must wait in lines in front of each suspect. They can only ask 1 question, then they must join the back of another line.
  • As they fill in the gaps in the grid, each suspect's alibi will be revealed. They must examine the alibis and discover who is lying and therefore the killer. (In this case Goro Inagaki and Shingo Katori have watertight alibis: they were drinking together in an izakaya. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi told no lies in his claim that he was at home with his family. The killer is clearly Masahiro Nakai who lied when he said he was with Goro Inagaki.)


The original idea for this activity came from the Three Wise Monkey's website.

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