Time: 10-25min

This is designed for Listening and Speaking and is good for Junior High.


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Cool name(s) for this activity:

  • Kanji Challenge

Using the example dialogue on page 85[tb 1] of New Horizon, students ask each other if they can read a kanji character.

Materials Needed[]


Start by reading the dialogue on page 85 of New Horizon with repeating practice. Use the examples in the text book with the JTE.

  • Can you read this? (鯉)
  • Yes, I can. It's "koi."
  • No, I can't. How do you read it?"
  • It's "koi."

Give some more examples(pdf), allowing the students to answer. When they are confident, hand out a kanji flashcards(pdf) to each student. Divide the class into two and form two circles, one in the middle and one around the outside. Have the inside circle move around clockwise so that everyone talks to half the class.

More involved[]

Each student has a scorecard with their name on it. The scorecard is where the number of correct kanji readings are recorded. Divide the class into two groups. The first group will have all the flaschards. Each person from this group will have two flashcards (if there is a flashcard for each student). Each student from this group will sit behind a desk. The second group will come and be asked if they can read the kanji (one-by-one). The questioner will give points on the respondent's point card.

Textbook References[]

  1. New Horizon: Year 1, Unit 10, Page 85.