Time: 10-20min
Let's Enjoy Bingo - sample page
Bingo is an easy way to review/learn vocabulary. Students write down a words on a square grid and cross them off as they are called out. Student's call out bingo when they complete a row/column/diagonal.This is designed for ReadingWriting and Speaking and is good for Elementary school and Junior High.

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Before starting the game, review the vocabulary with the students. This could just be the students repeating as the teacher reads. If the students are confident with reading, have the students read out the words instead of the teacher.


Grammar BingoEdit

Use bingo to practice grammar by choosing a number of sentences to review and then choosing vocabulary to fit into those sentences. Have one or two sentence patterns for each row. Give the sentences to the students in order to speed up the process.

Second year example grammarEdit

This grammar is taken from the New Horizon second year books.

  • Could you tell me the way to the post office?
  • I’m looking for the post office.
  • Godzilla is stronger than King Kong.
  • Godzilla is the strongest of all monsters.
  • This movie is more interesting than that one.
  • This movie is the most interesting this year.
  • Emi is my best friend.
  • They fly as high as a bird.
  • Shall I show you a bigger one?
  • What size are you looking for?

Third year example grammarEdit

This grammar is taken from the New Horizon third year books.

  • I have wanted a bike since the fourth grade.
  • I have wanted a new truck since last year.
  • Have you ever been to Sapporro?
  • I have lived in Japan for ten years.
  • This is a book I bought in the United states.
  • Look at the book on the desk.
  • We went to Kyoto on a school trip.
  • This computer was made 10 years ago.
  • Many people use English.
  • I got up early to swim yesterday.
B Valentine’s Day fluffy rabbit February rose kimono cute mouse tiger
I Mexico Syndey England Alaska Brazil Paris China
N diamond ring chocolate present cell phone letter frog-cat cake
G concert festival book vacation painting lunch picture
O German Korean French give run clean sleep

Ready madeEdit

Bingo sheets that are ready to print off and use in the classroom;

  • Grade 1, Katakana English
  • New Horizon, Grade 2, unit 1
  • New Horizon, Grade 3, warm up
  • The first few exercises from Let's Enjoy Bingo! 1. Note that the first 1-8 exercises are in Japanese so that students get used to bingo during the pre-lessons stage (they are the japanese versions of next 2 lots of bingo). Bingo exercises 9 and onwards are in English. See here for summaries of the bingo sheets with their japanese counterparts. It is recommended that students get the Let's Enjoy Bingo book instead of printing out these copies (see External Links).

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