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Animal Telepathy is a pattern practice speaking activity using comparative sentences for 2nd grade Junior High classes.

Materials required[]

  • 4 cards per student (one A4 worksheet(pdf) cut into four)


  • Hand out the game cards, 4 for each student:
  • Have the students choose one animal on each card by making a mark in the brackets.
  • Each student must mingle around the room, find a partner and play janken.
  • The losing student must give a hint to the winning student using a comparative sentence (eg. "It's smaller than a whale.")
  • The winning student then uses that information to guess which animal they have marked on their card (eg. "Is it a cat?"). If they guess correctly they get to take their opponent's card. If they guess incorrectly then their opponent can keep it.
  • The students find new partners and the game continues.
  • The winning student is the one with the most cards at the end of the game.


負け人: It's bigger than a ○○○.
It's smaller than a ○○○.
Ant.png Cat.png Bear.png Whale.png