This is designed for Reading and is good for Elementary school and Junior High.


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The alphabet race is a good activity for reviewing the lower or upper case alphabet for higher grade Elementary or Junior High 1st grade classes. Two teams compete against the clock and each other, generating an excited atmosphere!

Materials required[]

  • 26 cards with one letter of the alphabet on each
  • A stopwatch


  • Write the alphabet in nice, big letters on the blackboard. Practise the pronunciation of each letter with the whole class.
  • Once they're good enough, divide the class into two teams.
  • Have one of the teams come to the front and take a letter card each. Tell them to keep their letter to themselves and not show anyone else. If there are more cards than students, have a few of them take more than one card.
  • Start the stopwatch. Starting with A, each student must stand up and shout out their letter with the correct pronunciation in a loud voice, in the correct order. When they reach Z, stop the clock and record their time on the board.
  • Have the students return their cards to the front and sit back down. Repeat the procedure with the second team, record their time and see which team is the winner.
  • Get the teams competing against each other to set the fastest time.


  • If your students are good, have them try it backwards from Z-A!