Achi is a tiny spot south of Iida city near the border with Aichi Prefecture.

There are currently two JETs living in Achi. One works in Achi Senior high and visits Iida Kogyou (Technical) Senior High School and Iida Shimono Nogyou (Agricultural) Sehior High School. The JET in Achi Junior High School also visits Namiai School (combined Elementary-Junior High) and various Achi elementary schools.

Achi is famed for the Hirugami Hot Springs resort which is a lifesaver during the winter months. Also an expressway (Matsumoto to Nagoya) passes through the 8km(!) Ena tunnel which is a good way to get out of town. The climate's cold enough in winter but without much of the heavy snowfalls in northern Nagano. It's 25 minutes from Iida City Centre. Last bus from there is 8 o' clock though.

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