Time: 10-20min

Students put on capes and pull out their magic wands and cast spells at each other (while speaking English).This is designed for Listening and Speaking and is good for Elementary school and Junior High. It practices vocabulary for a certain category (like food or sports for example).


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Materials Needed[]

Nothing, but you could use:

  • Magic wands
  • Banners to represent the different teams (as in the 4 houses of Hogwarts)
  • Flashcards to get things started in the category (ie, a picture of the face with some of the parts labeled - for body parts)


Cool name(s) for this activity:

  • Wizard Fight

First break up the class into 3-5 groups. Introduce a category, colours for example. Elicit a few words from the topic, five or six, depending upon the topic. The two teams face off, decide who goes first using Janken. A student from the team that lost steps forward and says their word from the category and passes on his wand (or baton) onto the next team mate. Then a student from the opposing team does likewise. This continues until one of the duelers makes a mistake; either repeating a word[note 1], saying a word not in the category, or being too slow.

When a dueler makes a mistake, that dueler will sit down. Depending on how long you want the games to go for, set the number of outs a team can sustain before the game is lost. The speed can be regulated by clapping a rhythm and having the duelers cast their words in the off beats. This can be sped up as the duelers get better.

Example Categories[]

Elementary and up[]

Junior High School[]


  1. When a new round is started (ie, someone makes a mistake), the words are reset.