Preparing for your successorEdit

Do not be the name of your successors curse, give them decent information about the current situation. Some of this will be personal information, but for the rest, it can be published in the local knowledge section of the wiki.

Basic informationEdit

  • What to bring/not to bring
  • Explanation of bills, how to use the appliances, etc.
  • Your living/working conditions (where you live and work)
  • A sample work schedule, details of your work duties
  • Necessary contact numbers (including emergency numbers)
  • Your contact information after leaving the JET Programme
  • Especially in a small town; who to talk to for help (and who not to talk to)

General informationEdit

  • The best places to buy various things.
  • Good pubs/places to eat.
  • Things to see
  • A link to
  • Links to prefectural resources (like facebook groups etc)
  • Is a car recommended
  • Public transport basics
  • Where to pay bills
  • rubbish

Saying goodbyeEdit

  • Prepare a speech for the school(s) to say goodbye
  • Write a list of people you would like to remember;
    • Write them a letter
    • Give them photographs
    • Give them a gift
    • See them one more time
    • Organise a final supper

Getting homeEdit

  • Organise your plane ticket with JET
  • Assign a tax representative
  • Getting the Proof of Participation form, and your salary report
  • Ensure visa is in order - if you are going to stay on for a few days/weeks you may have to update your visa.

Selling your stuffEdit

Selling your carEdit

The logistics of selling your car differs depending on prefectures, but here is a rough guide;

  • Application form (OCR #2 Sheet)
  • Receipt of payment of registration fee
  • Proof of the transfer of ownership of the car
  • Certificate of your inkan impression - received within 3 months of transfer application (only necessary for white plate cars - not yellow plate ones). (Bring your seal and your Alien Registration Card to your local public office and registration can be completed that day. A Certificate of Inkan Impression will cost you 250 yen.)
  • Your inkan
  • Certificate that proves your address
  • Certificate that proves you have a parking space - dated within 40days of transfer application
  • Letter of Attorney
  • Receipt of Automobile Tax
  • Certificate of Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance
  • Cost 500 yen



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